Meet Our Pediatric Dental Specialists

Dr. Michelle Harmon

Board Certified

Pediatric Dental Specialist

"I have a passion for pediatric dentistry because, in our field, we are able to teach children and adolescents healthy dental habits that can positively affect them for a lifetime!"


Dr. Brandi Owensby

General Dentist

Limiting Practice to Children

"Making your child's dental

visit fun, educational and

memorable is my priority."


Dr. Melissa Shaw

Board Certified

Pediatric Dental Specialist

"As Pediatric Dental Specialisits, we are committed to treating only infants, children, teens and those with special needs."


Our Pediatric Dentistry Office

Welcome to Athens Dentistry for Children, a state-of-the-art dental office for infants, children and teens located in Athens, Georgia. We like to call our office Athens Smile Tree because it is our job to grow healthy smiles for our patients. We believe that every child is entitled to a beautiful, healthy smile and it is our mission to make a difference in each of our patient's lives.


Our Approach


Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive dental care to our patients in a loving environment and to emphasize education and prevention of dental disease.


At Athens Dentistry for Children, we believe that comprehensive dental care is the best way to ensure your child's oral health. For you and your child this means we will not only diagnose any dental needs, but we will educate you on how to prevent cavities from forming. Using age appropriate milestones and anticipatory guidance, our staff will educate you about what to expect during each stage of dental development and how to maintain your child's healthy smile. We will discuss your child's diet, oral habits and oral hygiene practices at each check-up appointment.

We are committed to recommending

and providing the best treatment options

for your child.


Dr. Harmon, Dr. Owensby or, Dr. Shaw will develop a treatment plan that is specifically designed for your child and our team will then explain to you the costs and benefits of any necessary treatment before treatment is ever completed so that you will always be well informed.


Our office is happy to file insurance for you. We will make every effort to ensure that your insurance benefits are utilized properly and fairly to minimize any potential costs to your family. Please bring your insurance information to the appointment so we can better assist you.


Athens Dentistry for Children is committed to having fees that are among the most competitive in the area, and has helpful financing options available for families that may have need. We are currently accepting new patients.


Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about your child’s treatment plan or our financial policy as we want you to be well informed and comfortable with these matters.

Online Payments


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First Visit

Easing Your Child’s Fears

We know a visit to the dentist can be frightening for some children – especially a first visit – but we hope to avoid and conquer most dental fears. Sometimes it is normal for a child to cry at the dentist, especially if it is new experience. If this happens, please do not be disappointed in your child, yourself, or us – we will simply respond with care and praise.


What to Expect at the First Visit

At your child’s first visit, we will review your child’s medical history. Please read your Welcome Letter and bring your child's completed Patient History, Financial Policy and Privacy Statement. We will examine your child’s teeth and determine if x-rays and/or a cleaning is indicated. If any further treatment is necessary such as fillings or sealants, this will occur at a follow-up visit.


The Parents’ Role

You are invited and encouraged to accompany your child to their cleaning and “check-up” appointment. This allows you to meet the doctor and clinical staff, ask questions and learn which oral hygiene techniques your child might need to work on. However, if any dental treatment is required, we request that you allow your child to enter the treatment area by themselves. This allows your child to establish an uninterrupted relationship with the doctor and staff and allows them to gain confidence during dental treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Harmon and Dr. Shaw are Board Certified Pediatric Dental Specialists.


A pediatric dentist is a general dentist who has received an extra two years of training in school and at a children’s hospital residency. As pediatric dentists, Dr. Harmon and Dr. Shaw are highly qualified to treat your children’s beautiful smiles. As a pediatric dental specialist, our practice is limited to infants, toddlers, adolescents as well as those with special healthcare needs.


Everyone at Athens Dentistry for Children uses a lot of positive reinforcement and child friendly descriptions to help your child feel at ease during their dental procedure. We make recommendations depending on the child’s age, ability to cooperate, and amount of treatment needed. The treatments provided take the dental needs and behavioral aspects into consideration.

Learn more about pediatric dental topics:

Establishing your Child's Dental Home


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents and other care providers to help every child establish a dental home by 12 months of age. Establishing a dental home provides some key components to dental care for your child including...


Comprehensive oral health care including acute care and preventive services.


Individualized preventive dental health program based upon a caries-risk assessment.


Anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development.


Plan for acute dental trauma (emergencies).


Dietary counseling.


Referrals to dental specialists when care cannot directly be provided within the dental home.


Referral at an age determined by patient, parent, and pediatric dentist.

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