Covid-19 Safety Protocol


In response to COVID-19, the following procedures will remain in place in order to protect your family and our team.

Safety first, safety always!


  1. Please call to reschedule your child’s appointment should they have a fever, cough, or exhibit any other flu-like symptom. We ask that you confirm your appointment within 48 hours of your confirmation text. If not confirmed, we will need to offer your appointment to another family.

  2. Approximately 2 hours before your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link to our COVID-19 screening form and consent. Please have this filled out before arriving to your appointment. The screening questions apply to both you and your child. Please fill out a separate form for each child. For the near future, this will be our policy at each appointment in order to ensure all of our patients coming into the office are symptom-free. This is for everyone’s protection.

    Please text our office at 706-355-3109 once you arrive for your appointment and we will inform you when it is time to come into the office. When you enter, we will be greet you and will record your child’s temperature. As long as it is reasonable, we are asking that only patients proceed into the treatment area where they will be cared for by our fabulous dental team throughout their visit. Should you choose to accompany your child, we will record your temperature as well, and ask that you bring a mask from home to wear throughout your stay. We will allow only 1 adult and no additional siblings in the treatment area. If the reception area does not allow for social distancing, we will ask that you wait in your car for the duration of the appointment.

  4. Once the appointment is complete, you will be notified by a member of our team, and we will review any necessary information with you at that time.

  5. Should a payment be due, we may arrange for payment over our secure text to pay feature, if possible.

  6. For the near future, we will not be able to high-five, shake hands, fist bump or hug. We love our patients- this is a hard one for us!

  7. We recommend that you bring some form of entertainment for your child (book, tablet, etc.) as we have needed to remove the games and toys from our waiting room temporarily. We also suggest that you bring a blanket as we will need to keep the temperature in the office cooler than normal in order to keep our clinical team comfortable while wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE)

  8. During this pandemic, we are required to have a significant amount of additional PPE for dental procedures. In our effort of complete transparency, we must let you know that there is a $10/patient “COVID19 PPE Safety Fee” assigned for each appointment. We are making every effort to get this covered by your insurance, but we cannot guarantee it.

Know that we are the same friendly, professional pediatric dental team you have come to count on throughout the years. We strive daily to keep your child safe and healthy! We love our Athens Dentistry for Children families!!


We are looking forward to seeing our friends soon!


Drs. Harmon, Owensby, Shaw, and the entire ADFC Team